For the last 50 years, on September 20, 1961, The Governmental Committee has issued Decision 134/CP to form Planning Department under Ministry of State Farm-former organization of the national institute for agricultural planning and projection. Being experiencing general process of our country and agriculture and rural development, according to request of respective period, name of agency is accordingly changed to make it adequate

-1961 – 1970: Planning Department under Ministry of State Farm;

-1970 – 1973: Agricultural Zonning Division;

-1973 – 1977: Agricultural planning and Investigation Department;

-From March 1977 to now, it is now the National Institute of Agricultural Planning and Projection (under Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) and our main scope of work is to conduct survey, investigation, zoning agricultural planning and projection and formulation of new rural development.

Being a unit deriving from army officers to be demobilized, in total there are only 05 agricultural engineers at primary course, few of them are middle ranking, the remaining are technicians. From poor material base, up to now NIAPP has experienced staff and solid knowledge in important sectors: pedology, cultivation, agricultural planning and rural development, landuse planning, economy, environment, analysis chemistry, remote sensing and GIS, information technology, animal husbandry, irrigation, transportation. Among total nearly 550 staff, officers of entire NIAPP, there are nearly 400 staff at graduate and post graduate (taking 71%of total staff), of which 01 is professor, 18 are Doctor degree, 97 are master degree and 270 are at graduate, the remaining are college degree, secondary education and technical workers to respond every professional activity of NIAPP.

In our more than 50 years of operation, under the collaboration of researching institutes, universities and many scientists from domestic and international levels, a thousand of researching works, survey, investigation, planning and projection to serve for agriculture and rural development in general and course of construction and development of our country in particular.